Setzi's goal in 2020 is to contribute towards protecting by adopting earth-friendly practices. We will recycle old saddles in order to prevent excessive usage of plastic and other raw materials that are consumed in making new saddles. Nature is precious for us and it's important for the habitat of our horses. Let’s treasure it!

RECYCLING PLAN: Recycle your old Setzi saddle and receive 35% OFF any new saddle.  

1)    This promotion will allow you to obtain the 35% discount on the price of the new saddle.

2)    When adding the saddle to cart, make sure to check box that you will send your old saddle, then use RECYCLING2021 as you discount code.

3)    In order to receive your new saddle, you have to send your old Setzi saddle to our office located in the following address:

                        Setzi Srl
                        Str. Leontin Briciu 8
                        307285 Mosnita Noua
                        Timisoara, Romania
                         Phone no. +40746043676


4)    Once we receive your old Setzi saddle, you will receive a notification and we will send you your new saddle.

5)   If you're returning multiple saddles, you need to place a separate order for each saddle you're returning to get the 35% discount on each saddle.

Note: This recycle plan is ONLY for Setzi Saddles, no other brands will be accepted.


 - For more information please contact us.


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