Setzi is a highly reputable and admired name in the Endurance world.  We continue to innovate through our first-hand research led by Antonio and his son Marco Sardo (a professional and international endurance trainer in the UAE). What sets us apart, is the founder’s hands-on contribution and absolute dedication to enhanced improvements in the technical aspects of our saddles.


When it comes to methodology, Setzi is highly centered on preserving the family tradition of testing our products on a daily basis; a tradition that remains at the heart of everything we do. Setzi strives to create affordable products that do not compromise on comfort, safety, and most importantly the responsiveness and flow between the rider and the horse.  With this, we ensure that when choosing Setzi, we add value to the riders and to their horse.


Over the years, Setzi has experienced strong progression, from conserving the forms of the original English saddle, to the creation of new models, capitalizing on modern technology and leading the market with fashionable, sleek and dynamic designs. Moreover, with the willingness to please its customers and explore new horizons, Setzi has decided to create other complementary products besides the traditional saddles such as Carbon fiber saddles, new accessories, and the introduction of new items in the market. Setzi never ceases to acquaint itself with the timely demands of long-distance rides and advancements in manufacturing.


Setzi saddles are completely handmade with Italian leather produced in Italy. All our saddles are carefully handcrafted with selected premium materials strictly under Setzi’s quality control. We take care of all the minimal details and we finish with the unique product desired by our customer.  Our goal is to produce always maximum lightness, convenience, and comfort for all equestrian domains. Our eye for detail and design allows us to meet and exceed customer expectations.


You can be assured that Setzi will always be a part of the customer’s journey, where we challenge ourselves with captivating designs, new ideas, and surprising innovations. Such elements are embedded in the culture of Setzi Saddles. Our customer is not only a client but one who gives us the privilege of taking part in his/her journey with the guidance of the Setzi experience!


Setzi now wants to spread knowledge along with the evolution of the brand. We believe that sharing interesting content helps us grow and persist distinctively in the horse world. We are eagerly creating reading material that includes news, interviews, discoveries and much more! Through this channel of communication, we look forward to receiving messages and ideas from all over the world. Our long-term desire is to continuously learn, enhance, and advance and we would love to achieve this with you!