Setzi, ever committed to all equestrian domains, spares no effort to live up to our promise to provide the best to our customers.

 We have created a separate page for the Equestrian Centres who, with cumulative orders, will benefit from reduced prices on our entire range of products.

By streamlining the process, Setzi can efficiently cater to the Centers and simplify the order placement procedure. The Equestrian Centers and Clubs will have easy access to the products at discounted prices and will be able to place their orders directly and effortlessly.

To register as an Equestrian Centre, please fill out the details below. We will contact you once we review and verify the information provided.

After verification, you will be provided with the login details and a discount code that will only be valid for your use. You will then be able to see the discounted prices and place orders directly from the website.

Please note that the discount code will be valid only upon reaching a certain minimum order which will be specified after verification of the information provided.

The discount code will be applicable for the same email address provided on the submitting the form. In order to change the email address, you would need to submit a request through contact us page and specify the old email and the new email address where you want the discount code to transfer.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.